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Wychwood Lodge

No. 2414

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A Partner's Guide to Freemasonary

Getting to know Freemasonary

Over the years Freemasonary has had a lot of bad pressregarding who we are and what we get up to. Rumours, misinformation and false statements have gone unchallenged to create a percieved societythat is regardes as both secret and mysterious. Therefore it is only to be expected that the wife or partner of someone who is thinking of becoming a Freemason will have reservations about what to expect. The information on this page is designed too put your mind at rest and to set the record straight as to what Freemasonary is all about.

What is Freemasonary

In a nutshell, Freemasonry is one of the oldest and largest fraternal and charitable organisations in the world. If is also a non-relgious, non-political society and it's aim is to make good people, better people by reinforcing moral and spiritual values. The three key words we live by are friendship, charity and integrity. However, believe it or not, Freemasonry isn't exclusively for men. There are several Lodges around the country (every Freemason joins and belongs to a Lodge) that are strictly women only.

Here's one of our best kept secrets

Freemsonry is one of the three biggest contributors to national charities in the UK (which includes the National Lottery), donating around £7million pounds every year. We are also extremely active locally. (Think of a charity and we have most probably given a donation). In fact, in Oxfordshire alone, local Freemasons raise around £60,000 for local charities and good causes every year. This is achieved by sponsored events, raffles and any wild or wacky ideas that could help raise money.

If Freemasonry does good, why the bad press?

Once upon a time, Freemasonry was regarded as one of the great pillars of society. Laying foundation stones of important buildings was a public affair, with Masons in attendance in full regalia. But things changed.

In the years building up to the Second World War, Hitler's Nazi Germany began to heavily persecute Freemasons. Masonic meetings were outlawed and members of the Lodges were arrested, imprisoned and executed. (It is estimated that over 200,000 Freemasons losst their lives during this time).

Included in Hitler's plans to invade Britain was a list of Freemasons who, if his invasion had been successful, would have also met the same end.

Freemasonry began to be more inward looking and private, and the silence of the organisation only added to strengthen the myth. By failing to deal with the media and by not speaking up to correct factual errors, rumour took over from fact and false reports replaced the truth, leading to Freemasonry being perceives as a secret societ.

So much so, that we hold Ladies' evenings with wives and partners being the guests of honour, as well as quiz nights, barbeques, Sunday lunches and a host of other functions that are designed to bring the family of Freemasonry together. We even hold widows' dinners, to keep in touch with, and to help, the wives and partners of deceased Freemasons.

The Family of Freemasonry

You may think that, as a wife or partner of a Freemason, you will be excluded from any of our organised events and that you will become the Masonic equivalent of a 'golf widow'. Not so.

We do have several Lodge meetings throughout the year, often followed by a meal called the Festive Board. These may well be men only events, but are no different to a 'girls' night out', where frinedhsip and bonding are a s important as the get-together.

But your understanding and support makes a real difference and wives and partners are very importnat to the success of Freemasonry.

Does your Partner have what it takes to be a Freemason?

If your other half has a good heart and would like to help others by raising money for charity, as well as become a better person morally and spiritually, then he is exactly what Freemasonry is looking for. If you or your partner would like to know more about please either contact us or use the links to either the United Grand Lodge of England, or the Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Lodge.

Freemasonry, as a so-called secret society, we're probably the worst kept secret in the world.